Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. I would like to become a member, how can I register? 
To become a member you can register via this website. Under ‘get involved’ you can find a page ‘become a member’. There you can find a registration form.

2. How much does a membership costs and how can I pay?
A membership costs 20 euros for a year and 12,50 euros for half a year. You can pay via online back transfer or you can pay by cash during office hours. When you have paid, you will get a membership card. You should take this membershipcard with you to the classes and on the activities!

3. Is there a deadline for registration?
No there is not! 🙂 You can become a member throughout the whole year.

4. Do I need to be a member to follow the classes? And the activities?
In order to join the classes you should become a member. The first time you can try out, when you would like to continue you have to pay the membership fee. In order to join the activities, you don’t have to become a member, however you will get a discount on all the activities if you are registered as a member.

5. Is ISOW only for internationals or also for Dutch people?
ISOW is open for everyone, so also for Dutch people. We offer a wide range of languages and a variety of dance classes, so why can’t Dutch people join as well? 🙂

6. How much does an excursion cost?
The prices of the excursions differ greatly. This is due to the differt locations we visit and the length of the trip varies.