Afrofusion Dance

PERIOD 1: Monday 19.00 – 20.00

In this class you are going to learn street dances from Jamaica (dancehall), Puerto-Rico (reggaeton), Angola (kuduro), Ghana (azonto), Ivory coast (coupĂ©-decalĂ©) and in general Africa (afrobeats). The basic dance that is going to be taught is the dancehall. You are going to learn oldschool, midschool and new school steps and female and male steps. Dancehall is the expression of Jamaicans since 1980 and indicates moves of every situation of their lives. Many whines but also many guns! Similarly, the African dances express their daily life. The class: Firstly, the warming up and unlocking the body move, then learning some steps and at the end do a small choreo. It’ s going to be so amusing with a good working out and many good vibes. And don’t forget: dancehall is di future!

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