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In the last couple of years ballroom dancing has regained its popularity because of television shows such as Dancing With The Stars and Strictly Come Dancing. Traditionally, ballroom dances were performed at weddings and other festivities of the upper-class, but certainly the couple-dancing in the characteristically closed position, its rich variation in styles and the combination with popular music nowadays make ballroom dancing an excellent way of expressing yourself on music at any time, in any mood. For example, the Quickstep is a powerful and energetic dance first performed by Caribbean and African dancers, a real style contrast compared to the Slow Waltz, an elegant dance that makes couples float over the dance floor. The continuous smooth movements of the Slow Foxtrot bring tranquility to any person dancing it, which might be lost the moment one starts dancing the Viennese Waltz, an original dance, which is characterized by very fast rotating steps and was already popular with the old European royal families. Lastly, the passionate strides of the tango, a dance with many international variations, holds many secrets but most of all entails a life time dance experience.

During the lessons you will start learning the basic steps and techniques of the Slow Waltz and the Quickstep. Other dances might be taught on request. Click here to join the Facebook group.


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