Cooking committee!

I had the opportunity to serve as the ISOW president for approximately 13 months. In that capacity, I coordinated the ISOW cuisines with the supports of my fellow ISOW board members, the ISOW cooking committee and the highly enthusiastic volunteers from various countries.

We were the “food basket of the organization”. The team comprises of amazing people from different nationalities such as Australian, Belgian, Chinese, German, Indonesians, Malaysian, Nigerian, Russians and cooking was our pride.

We had mouth-watery dishes from Africa to Australia; Asia to Europe, it was so exciting and very cozy. There is always one thing that usually makes everyone happy, can you guess? “food”! The ISOW cuisines created an enabling environment to network and broaden our horizons, share our knowledge and ideas. Above all, celebrate our cultures and diversity.

It was a remarkable experience and very fulfilling.

Thank you all for your tremendous supports.

Luqman Jinadu

ISOW President 2016/2017