We are the 2017/2018 ISOW Board


President: Philomena Kafui Darku

Hello Everyone! I am Philomena from Ghana, West Africa. I’m in the second year of the Urban Environmental Management Masters programme. I love travelling, organizing events and of course trying food from all over the world. In a quest to find home in a new country, I found ISOW, an organization that brings people from around the world and creates space for very person, culture and identity. The diversity it celebrates urged me to be on the board. As President of ISOW, I make Wageningen the new home for Internationals and Dutch alike. With my fellow abled board members and team, we create a social and lovely atmosphere through dance and language course, culinary cuisines, cultural events and parties. Nothing feels fulfilling like witnessing and being part of an international network where we enjoy each other’s country and culture.

Come let’s make Wageningen and the world a better place for all! See you around 🙂




Secretary: Mariana Silva

Hi everyone! My name is Mariana and I’m from the beautiful sunny Portugal!  During my time as secretary of ISOW, I hope to meet a great diversity of people from all over the world and to make sure to contribute in the creation of a whole lot of different events and parties. Remember, your time in Wageningen should be one of the greatest times of your life, and me and my fellow board members are going to try our very best to make it even greater. I hope to see you soon during any of our activities or excursions!








Treasurer: Sylke Bergman

Hey there, I am Sylke and I’m not too far away from home as I was born and raised in the North-West of the Netherlands. I always wanted to learn how to dance, that’s what brought me to ISOW, first Latin dance classes, and now I join the salsa course, which is definitely a highlight of my week! I’ve been living in abroad in France and Australia, both for about 4 months. These experiences made me realize how important it is to be able to get to know people when you’re far away from home and do fun things with them. I realized that ISOW was a safe place for a lot of students, just as it was for me.  A place to be who you want to be while having fun and meeting wonderful people! This is why I decide to be part of ISOW! I want ISOW to be your home away from home. As the treasurer,  I plan to keep ISOW going! Hope to see you around!







Activity Coordinator: Lucia van Lieshout

Hi everyone! I am Lucia, 19 years old and the new activity coordinator of ISOW. I am a second year Business and Consumer studies student and originally from Rotterdam, one of the coolest and most multi-cultural cities of the Netherlands. Since when I was young, I travelled a lot with my parents and nowadays I still try travel and see as much of the world as possible. Due to all this traveling, I’ve developed a big interest in other cultures and people that’s how ISOW drew my attention. We can learn so much from each other and I hope by being the new activity coordinator, I will help people from all over the world to meet new friends and enjoy other cultures. Studying in a different country won’t always be easy, but ISOW will always try to make you feel like home. Groetjes!





Course Coordinator: Milou Visser

Hi there, I am Milou Visser. I am 19 years old and from a small town next to Deventer (The Netherlands). I am currently in my second year of a Bachelor of Management and Consumer Studies. Why did I become a board member? Because I liked the idea of a place where international people can meet, because I love to travel and meet people from other countries. I was the Dutch teacher at ISOW and at the beginning people always were asking “why are you teaching Dutch? Understandable, I look Chinese and in a international environment as Wageningen it’s not strange to think that I am from China. I was born in China, but adopted when I was one year old. I like the idea that I have both a Dutch and Chinese piece inside of me. I am now the Course coordinator and will take care of all the teachers and courses. Hope to see you soon at ISOW.





Excursion Coordinator: Yurike W Inrumitha



Hello! My name is Yurike and I am from Indonesia. I am currently in my second year of Masters of Nutrition and Health. I am interested in joining ISOW because I believe it gives me the opportunity to get an amazing experience by working with international colleagues and also soft skills through diverse learning experiences. I want to be one of those young and impactful people who participate in the global network, experience working with many people from all around the world. Traveling is one of the most things I like to do, and I am grateful that I could channel my passion by being the Excursion Coordinator in ISOW. I hope I could facilitate you to experience many European cities and countries in a fun way!









Promotions Coordinator: Lizzie Richardson

G’Day Wageningen! My name is Lizzie and I am from the kangaroo infested land down under (read: Australia). I am currently in my first year of a Masters of Medical Biotechnology. Previously, I completed my Bachelors of Science and Arts at the University of Sydney. I was drawn to Wageningen University and ISOW because I wanted to be part of an international community and experience different cultures and perspectives. I know, it sounds cliche, but it is cliche because it is true. When you become a member of ISOW you too will experience the world through a multicultural lens. I am the Promotions Coordinator for ISOW which means I am in charge of all the posters, flyers, merchandise, Facebook page, and the website. I am also a Wageningen Student Blogger and Vlogger so you may have seen some of my videos on the Wageningen University Facebook page. When I am not busy with ISOW or studying, I keep myself busy by creating podcasts, playing lots of sport, baking, and consuming my body weight in coffee. I hope to see you around!