About us

We Are ISOW! The International Student Organisation of Wageningen. Our goal is to bring together students from all around the world by providing a learning platform and by organizing activities! We aim to provide a common ground for international and national newcomers in Wageningen to mingle, learn from each other, and have fun together! Lets make ISOW your home away from home!

What we do


ISOW offers a wide variety of courses. These courses are designed to further integrate students and their values, making Wageningen University one of the most internationalized universities in the world.

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During the weekend we try to bring you closer to people from all over the world as well as to their culture. We have various smaller events, such as karaoke nights and cuisines, and we have bigger events like parties and cultural nights.

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Every once in a while ISOW organizes excursions to different places throughout Europe. From Prague to Berlin, Den Haag to Paris, we dive into different cultures and explore unknown places.

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Our courses

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Beginners and intermediate class


Conversation and beginners class


Open Vinyasa class & basic class


Conversation class


From September 19th our Italian language course will start again! This course will be held...

Afrofusion Dance

Beginners class


Join our Facebook group for the latest updates! Thursday 18:00-19:00 Room: Dance Room


Intermediate class

Dharma Talk & Meditation

The Dharma Talk & Meditation course at ISOW offers weekly talks about the basics of...


One hour of teaching, followed by one hour of free dancing!


Conversation and beginners class

Hair Styling

For every hair style!


Learn how to do crafts!

HipHop/JazzFunk Dance

Join the Facebook group here   Wednesday 18:30 – 20:00 Room: Dance Room


Beginners, intermediate, and conversation class


Beginners, intermediate, and advanced


Interested in teaching Swing?


Interested in teaching German?


Feel free to try out!


Chinese is starting again from the end of September 2016. Keep an eye on the...

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